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NEXT SHOW:  JULY 23-26, 2020
featuring Case Tractors and Side-Shaft Engines

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If you have a child, step-child, grandchild or step-grandchild who would be eligible
to apply for a $500 scholarship, you MUST be a member in good standing.
Dues must be paid or postmarked by February 29, 2020.
Dues are $6.00 if renewing (per household couple including all children under the age of 18);
$12.00 for a new membership.
Make checks payable to MCAPA and mail to Peggy Coulter, 402 Gilmore Avenue, Grove City, PA 16127.
The 2020 scholarship rules and application have been added to this website.

Unfortunately with the Covid-19 occurring around us we will be cancelling our April director's and general meetings.
We want to make sure that all of our members stay healthy and safe at this time.  Please look out for further information to come.
Thank you all!
With that being said, also our annual plow day that was originally scheduled for May 9th is also being cancelled at this time.
We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but again want to take all of the health and safety precautions at this difficult time.
Stay safe, and we will continue to keep you posted.

The association also has a few exhibits and food service at the annual
Great Stoneboro Fair over Labor Day weekend.

The association meets at 8:00 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month except October, November and December
at Coolspring Township Building on Route 19 north of Mercer.  Interested persons are encouraged to attend.

Current Officers:

President - Reece Coulter
Vice President - John McGhee
Secretary - Janette Wike
Membership Secretary - Peggy Coulter
Treasurer - Patty Adamson

Show Exhibit Registration - Anita Seidel (724) 662-3095
Market/Food Vendors - Walt Darraugh (724) 699-0005

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