Tractor Pull Rules





     1.  ALL drivers must sign waiver of liability sheet.  If driver/operator is under 16 years of age, parent or legal guardian must be present on the track and take full responsibility for actions of the contestant.  A signed parental consent form will be required each day.  Drivers/operators from twelve to fifteen years of age will be permitted to pull with prior approval from the tractor pull committee. They must be able to sit squarely on the seat and reach the pedals.  Officials reserve the right to stop the driver if he/she cannot safely control the tractor.  It is recommended that a safety shutoff apparatus be installed for parent to be able to shut tractor off.  No one under the age of 12 is permitted to pull. 

     2.  Driver must remain seated and must have complete control of the tractor at all times.  This requires one firm hand on the steering wheel at all times unless it is necessary to move hand for tractor control.  This is still at the flag person’s discretion.  If bouncing, contestant should not leave his seat.

     3.  Safe operations are required at all times in staging areas and the pits as well as on the track.  Any “hot rodding” is reason for disqualification.  This includes all vehicles.

     4.  No riders are permitted on the pulling tractor at any time.

     5.  Any driver or pit crew member who appears to be intoxicated or impaired, in the opinion of the officials, due to alcohol, drugs or any other reason will disqualify themselves and their pulling tractor from all competition for the duration of that pulling event.  Further, those persons found in the pit area with intoxicating liquors will be removed from the pit area for the duration of that pull.  Fairgrounds’ officials or property owners may also require expulsion from the grounds.  No refunds will be given in these instances.

     6.  All drivers must wear a shirt, pants or shorts and shoes (no open-toed) to compete.

     7.  More than one driver is permitted on a given tractor, but the tractor can only pull once in any given class. 



      1. Drawbars must be accessible in all directions and must be rigid. A three-point hitch, fast hitch or traction booster must be rendered inoperable. Tractors in Div. 1 and Field Stock must have original-style drawbar.
    2. Maximum height of drawbar is not to exceed 18 inches. This is measured from the ground to top of the drawbar or fixed hook-up device.
    3. Minimum length of drawbar is not to be less than 18 inches. This is measured from the center of rear axle to back of hitch hole. Minimum of three-inch opening required.
    4. Hitch material must be at least 1/2 inch thick.



     1.  No cut or sharpened rear tires will be permitted.  REAR TIRES MUST BE AGRICULTURAL TIRES.

     2.  Fluids may be used in tires.

     3.  No dual wheels or tire chains permitted.

     4.  No four-wheel drive tractors may compete

     5.  Tire size is limited to 16.9 widths unless equipped from manufacturer with larger size for Divisions 1 and 2.  Division 3 and Field Stock division tires should be no larger than 18.4 x 38 unless equipped from manufacturer with other size.  If so, competitor should be able to supply proof in literature upon request.

     6.  No radial tires in Div. 1 Antique Stock or Div. 2 Antique classes.



     1.  Any tractor competing must run under working governor.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

     2.  Tractor engine must have original block or original equipment replacement and must be visible and accessible for tech inspection.  No side shields except those that were equipped from the factory.  No visual engine modifications.

     3.  All entries in Divisions 1 & 2 must be antique only.  Antique Stock (Div. 1) and Field Stock tractors must be stock as came from the factory--stock air cleaner, stock rims, no adjustable hitches, etc.  Division 1, 2 and 3  tractors must be manufactured in 1957 or before.  Field Stock tractors can be manufactured up to 1965.  No homemade tractors will be permitted to compete.

     4.  No blowers or turbo chargers (this includes M & W) will be permitted unless original equipment.

     5.  Gas tractors must run either stock carburetor or its stock replacement as supplied by the tractor’s manufacturer.  Only gas, diesel or LP allowed; all fuel used must come from a pump.  No alcohol or nitrous oxide allowed.  All tractors are subject to random fuel checks.

    6.  Diesel tractors must run stock fuel injection pump or its stock replacement as supplied by the tractor’s manufacturer.  No tractor will be permitted to use fuel oxidizer.

     7.  No weights may extend more than 3” beyond the rear of rear tires.

     8.  No weights may extend more than 24” beyond front of tractor.  This is measured from point of tractor, by the grill, front tires, etc.

     9.  All weights must be securely fastened to the tractor.  No weights permitted on seat or deck.  No booms permitted.  Any ballast or parts lost while hooked to the sled will result in disqualification for that class.

    10.  Wheelie (tip-over) bars are permitted in any division. 



     1.  DIVISIONS are:

           1 - Antique Stock                                                                        3 mph speed limit

           2 - Antique                                                                                  5 mph speed limit

           3 - Open                                                                                      5 mph speed limit

             4 - Field Stock                                                                             5 mph speed limit                              See weight class note below.

     2.  All tractors must be inspected, including tachometer.  Inspectors have the right to operate the throttle.  One operator only to be present at the tractor.  Drivers will be given a paper that states the division the tractor is eligible for.  This paper should be taken to the registration booth (you must have this paper to enter classes).  Tractors can be entered in higher divisions to pull, but not lower.  Field Stock class tractors must have working PTO and hydraulics.

     3.  Registration is over for each class when first puller has started to pull.

     4.  First position puller will not have the option to return unless sled adjustment is required.

     5.  A driver will be allowed a total of two attempts within 50 feet to start the sled.

     6.  A driver will be permitted his second attempt as the last puller of the given class if tractor needs additional maintenance to compete.  Pull is forfeited if the tractor is not prepared to return before the class is completed.

     7.  All tractors must have their own clevis and hitch pin except in Div. 2 and 3 where d-rings are allowed.

     8.  TRACK FLAG PERSON CONTROLS ALL STARTS AND STOPS.  He/she can stop the driver if the front end of the tractor is up too high for safety (approximately three feet).  Failure to follow flag person’s directions will result in disqualification.

     9.  Each tractor MUST be weighed before and after each pull by the driver who is competing.

    10.  Track official or tech inspectors reserve the right to reweigh any tractor and/or recheck RPM at any time.

    11.  Pulls must start with all slack removed from the pulling sled hitch.  NO JERKING!

    12.  Tractor must stay within the out-of-bounds lines.  Puller is disqualified when one tire touches the given bounds.

    13.  The sled driver will beep a warning when a Div. 1 puller reaches a speed above 3 miles per hour and when the other division pullers reach a speed above 5 mph.  No riding the horn or puller will be disqualified.  The puller is disqualified at the third beep.

    14.  Violation of any rule is cause for disqualification.  Track officials reserve the right to stop and disqualify any tractor or driver for violation of rules or for safety reasons.

    15.  In a pull-off, drivers only get one attempt to pull the sled.

    16.  Any disagreement will be resolved during that event.

  WEIGHT CLASSES:  2750, 3000, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 7500, 8500 and 9500 pounds for Div. 1, 2 and 3.  Field Stock will run only 8500, 9500 and 10500 pound classes.  There will be no awards for this class.

  HOOK UP FEE:  $10.00 per pull per driver  


For more information, you may contact any tractor pull committee member:

John McGhee, Chairman



    or, during the pulls


Duane King



Nathan Sawyer


Tim Hasenplug



Terry Minteer, Sr.


Larry Stalker



Reece Coulter


John Darraugh



Bob Somers


Tony McElhinny







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